Welcome To Government Rewtiraman Mishra PG College,Navapara, Surajpur
1Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment 7.1.8 22072022 Click Here
2Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity 7.1.1 22072022 Click Here
3Institutional national and international celebrations 7.1.11 29062022 Click Here
4Two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format 7.2.1 30062022 Click Here
5Program wise sheets 11072022 Click Here
7Teaching Experience 2016 to 2021 11072022 Click Here
8Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust 7.3.1 02072022 Click Here
9 Activities that inculcate values necessary to render students in to responsible citizens 7.1.9 28062022 Click Here
10CG Civil Service Act 1965 for College Code of conduct 20062022 Click Here
11 Annual report of the celebrations and commemorative events 7.1.11 29062022 Click Here
12cultural programs notifications 7.1.8 25062022 Click Here
13Notice for help to Divyangjan 25062022 Click Here
14Facilities in the Institution for the management of degradable and non-degradable wastes 7.1.3 23062022 Click Here
15Alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures 7.1.2 23062022 Click Here
16Action plan of Gender sensitization 7.1.1 20062022 Click Here
17Practical Question paper Zoology 18062022 Click Here
18BOS Letter 18062022 Click Here
19CCA Time Table Chemistry 18062022 Click Here
20Practical Exam Time Table for UG and PG Chemistry 18062022 Click Here
21CCA Time Table Political Science 18062022 Click Here
22CCA Time Table Commerce 18062022 Click Here
23CCA Time Table Sociology.pdf 18062022 Click Here
24CCA Time Table M.A. Economics.pdf 18062022 Click Here
25CCA Time Table for M.Sc. Botany 18062022 Click Here
26Practical Exam Time Table UG & PG Botany 13062022 Click Here
28Class Time Table 2016-2021 13062022 Click Here
29MEETINGS OF STAFF COUNCIL 2016-2021 13062022 Click Here
30Internal Exam Time Table 13062022 Click Here
31Scholarship Kyc Report 2020-21 13062022 Click Here
32Scholarship Kyc Report 2019-20 13062022 Click Here
33Scholarship Kyc Report 2018-19 13062022 Click Here
34Scholarship Kyc Report 2017-18 13062022 Click Here
35Scholarship Kyc Report 2016-17 13062022 Click Here
36Teaching plan Sample last five years 13062022 Click Here
37Academic Calendar HED last Five years 13062022 Click Here
38IIQA Report 27052022 Click Here
39AQAR Report (2020-2021) New 27022022 Click Here
40Academic Calendar 2019-2020 23072021 Click Here
41Academic Calendar 2018-2019 23072021 Click Here
42Academic Calendar 2017-2018 23072021 Click Here
43Academic Calendar 2016-2017 23072021 Click Here
44The minutes of IQAC meeting and compliances to the decisions 12102020 Click Here
45Accredited Grade "B" by NAAC 14/02/2019 Click Here