Vision Mission

Welcome To Government Rewtiraman Mishra PG College,Navapara, Surajpur

The college follows its vision and mission to serve with excellence for students. The governance of the college matches vision and the mission of the college. The college vision and the mission are as follows:


1.    Empowerment of common rural students through quality education to meet the global challenges at the lowest cost.

2.    Development of leadership qualities.

3.    Production of research minded graduates and post graduates


The purpose of the institution is to develop quality education and moral values​​in the students and prepare them as responsible citizens of the nation. To realize the above vision this college works on following mission:

1.       To provide quality education to all students irrespective of caste, religion and socio-economic status to uplift the society as a whole.

2.       To maintain excellent academic standard through innovation and effective teaching learning method in a pleasant atmosphere.

3.       To shape the student as a responsible citizen.

4.       To create a learner-friendly environment to make learning a joyful and fruitful experience.

5.       To promote scientific skills and academic excellence in this semi urban area.

Core Values

The college has the following institutional core values:

1.   Pursuit of excellence through quality education

2.   Empowerment through quality education

3.   Academic excellence

4.   Social responsibility and awareness

5.   Honest and moral integrity

6.   Faith and trust in its own capabilities

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