Ten days seminar conducted by department of chemistry.

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Ten days seminar conducted by department of chemistry.

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Date : 06-08-2021

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A very wise French Philosopher once said - “I speak of myself in different ways, because I look at myself in different ways”, an adage we abide by. At this onset , giving a strong positive self image for the best possible preparations for success in life. # SEMINARS ( A way to reflect one's personality). 

Seminars reflects the visions of being a platform for expressing innumerable talents of students possess, a vibrant mix of intellectual prowess of students from the Department of Chemistry, a stage that has views all angles around it.

The insight learning seminar was organized by the Department of Chemistry, Govt. RRM PG Colllege Surajpur,  under the guidance of Principal, Dr. S.S. Agrawal, Dr. Vikesh Kumar Jha (Assistant professor), H.O.D. (Department of Chemistry) and Ms. Zeba Bakhtiyar, also moderated the seminar as subject experts, as a part of internal CCA of M.Sc. Ist SEM students. Also Mr. Tulsiram Rahangdale, Dr. Chandan Kumar Goyal, Dr. H. N. Dubey, Ms. Pratibha Kashayap, Mr. C. B. Mishra, Dr. Kalyani Jain,  Mr. Anand Kumar Painkra and all other faculty members of Govt. RRM PG Colllege Surajpur, provieded valuable suggestions time to time to conduct this Seminar with grand success.

It captures the various subjective topics of Inorganic, Organic, Analytical Chemistry, Research Methodology, Computer Applications, Group Theory and Spectroscopy whose scrutiny and examination provided students with a basic understanding for additional research and study.

The 10 days online Chemistry Seminar headed its first step on 27th May, 2021 creating an over blooming enthausiam  among the students, exploring knowledge of Chemistry in which Miss.- Priya Soni, Nishi Keshari, Preeti Sahu, Sadhvi Dubey, Deepanjali Diwedi, Tarannum Nisha, Laxmi Kindo, Urmila, Kajal Sonwani and Preeti Kushwaha owns the best presentation award for different subjects. The leadership qualities were evolved by binding the seminar at its perfect edge were presented  by chairperson's giving  a defined framework of preserving the decorum of the event, Miss. - Kajal Sonwani, Preeti Sahu, Priya soni, Laxmi Kindo, Nishi Keshari, Shivmangli, Deepanjali Diwedi, Mrs. Sushma Sahu, and Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Sahu were served the responsibilities of chairperson for the 10 days seminar, ended on 7th June 2021.

At Seminar, I vehemently believe that each student has skills which are unique. Some Showed their dedication & hardwork by presenting themselves as the subject experts of their topics by attaining best performances, while some other lags the race of exploring personalities, but not the will power of blooming better day by day,  as like “the shedded autumn leaves blooms beautifully in the spring”.

Here by, taking the pride in informing that the students of Chemistry Department have devotely and enthusiatically crafted the seminar under the supervisions of their professors by gaining the opportunity & experience to shoulder the responsibility of this creation, hoping to become leaders of the future - A leader who is not about title or designation, but about impact, influence and inspiration. 

Ten days seminar conducted by department of chemistry. Photos